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21,90 €

Matcha is a type of green tea that comes in the form of a very fine powder. The latter is available in a bright green color. This tea of ​​Japanese origin has many benefits. We have combined the virtues of matcha tea with those of CBD to offer you a drink with unsuspected effects.

What are the benefits of CBD Matcha tea?

- Beyond its health benefits and its positive repercussions on morale, matcha is also the ally of all those who wish to stay in shape.

- Matcha has proven cognitive benefits, improving mental and intellectual abilities. This stimulant also has a positive effect on mood.

- Combining CBD with matcha tea will give you a real relaxation effect

Tip for use:

- One teaspoon in about 70ml of water or whole milk (ideally because CBD optimization is made with fat).


- 20g including 50mg of CBD.