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36,90 €


Over time, our skin loses elasticity and firmness. Fortunately, there are some accessible solutions that allow us to restore bounce and light to our skin. Our products based on CBD (completely natural plant-derived molecule) will help you fight the signs of aging.

In order to be able to regenerate the cells of the epidermis and regain clear, soft skin, ASABIO has developed the anti-aging lifting serum. This serum is produced in a natural and organic way. It reboosts the skin, so that it becomes stronger and more resistant against external aggressions. Our CBD-based anti-aging serum for the face will accompany you by helping you regain or maintain a healthy epidermis.

The main assets:

- Hemp seed oil will provide its share of beneficial nutrients, in order to be able to hydrate and restore your skin's natural softness. Thanks to its composition enormously rich in vitamins, omegas, fatty acids and other natural nutrients essential for the regeneration of skin cells, it will allow you to regain a smooth and soft appearance.

- CBD, known for its strong antioxidant and regenerating action, will fight against the first signs of skin aging.

- Hyaluronic acid is a reference in terms of hydration and anti-aging. It moisturizes and plumps the skin allowing it to regenerate quickly and regain a soft and silky appearance.

The +:

- 100% natural and organic

- Rapidly regenerates skin cells

- Excellent moisturizing and plumping


- 20ml (120mg of CBD)