38,90 €
38,90 €

Flavor and Dominance

You will experience sweet and subtle aromas mixed with the potency that this CBD resin offers. It provides a soothing effect, without tiring you out! Its taste and effects will immerse you in a true state of relaxation and muscle relaxation.


It can be consumed as an infusion or vaporized.

Consumer advice:

- In infusion, all you have to do is infuse your CBD plant in a fatty substance or in a hot drinkable liquid.

- In vaporization : in order to optimize the cannabinoids brought by the vapor, we recommend a vaporization between 180 and 200°.

- For the kitchen: to integrate it into your culinary preparations, we also recommend adding fatty substances such as whole milk or butter.

It is important to keep your CBD at room temperature, in a dark place to preserve its cannabinoid level.

Of course you can consume your CBD resin as you wish!

THC/CBD level

In France, it is forbidden to market a plant with more than 0.2% THC. This product complies with the standard!