16,90 €
16,90 €

There are so many ways to show your dog that you are his best friend! Increasingly popular, this oil derived from hemp has several virtues for dogsand cats.

Discover now our CBD Oil for dogs and cats for a more peaceful life! This CBD oil is for dogs and cats suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia or joint pain and inflammatory symptoms, or even digestive problems.

The taste of the oil is best fragrant for your pets and they will enjoy this product as much as a treat.

The Benefits:

- It maintains the health of your pet's skin and coat

- It gives him well-being

- It ensures the proper functioning of your pet's metabolism

- Reduces stress and anxiety

How to give CBD oil to your pet?

It can be administered directly into your pet's mouth. You can also mix it with food or water. A few drops (1 to 3) a day and you're done!


- The vial contains 10ml and has a CBD content of 500mg.