14,90 €
14,90 €

This aluminum grinder has a diameter of 50mm. It is composed of 4 parts:

  • A magnetic lid,
  • A chopper compartment,
  • A part with a sieve which allows you to filter down to the finest molecule,
  • And , a drip tray.

This grinder is supplied with a squeegee to perfectly recover your CBD flower.
It is also available in different colors: Black, Red, Purple, Blue.

What is a grinder used for?

Its main function is to homogeneously "grind" the CBD flower. This allows the taste to be constant.
It is also the best technique not to waste your CBD, by hand or with a pair of scissors often the CBD remains stuck or hung.

Aluminum grinders are the best on the market, they are of good quality, durable, and very solid.