29,90 €
29,90 €


Your skin is put to the test: stress, pollution, impurities, redness, skin problems, skin aging... The skin can be weakened, marked. Fortunately, solutions exist, and what could be better when they are natural?

Rediscover your skin's natural softness and radiance with this revitalizing and moisturizing cream 100% organic. Quickly, you will find a soft and silky appearance, while strengthening natural defenses.

What are CBD creams used for?

- Regenerate and strengthen your epidermis

- CBD creams have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

- Excellent hydration

- Soothes your redness and inflammation.

- Protects against external aggressions

In short, the CBD content in this cream will help your epidermis to regenerate and deeply hydrate your skin.

The main assets:

- Hemp: its seed oil contains a huge amount of nutrients, such as fatty acids, omega and vitamins. Thus, your skin will be nourished in depth and hydrated in a totally natural way.

- CBD will help your epidermis to regenerate, and strengthen it thanks to its natural antioxidant action: your skin will thus be clearer, softer, and will regain its natural appearance.

- Organic Sicilian lemon : its natural vitamin C content helps fight against the aging of the skin. In addition, its antioxidant action will relieve and repair your epidermis in a totally natural way.


- 45ml (140mg of CBD)

Application tip:

- Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face, avoiding the eye area. The cream is applied on clean, dry skin.

- Take a dab of your cream. Heat the mixture between your hands to bring it to your skin temperature and promote immediate effectiveness.

- Gently massage your face and neck until the product is fully absorbed.

- You can then, if you wish, apply your make-up.